Collaborative writing project.

Measuring Blue

JAN 24 - FEB 18, 2015

Pacific Sky Exhibitions is pleased to welcome Avantika Bawa's project Measuring Blue with a collaborative writing contribution by Erin Moore creating new avenues of discourse around the visual material presented in our exhibition venue.

Click here to read Erin Moore's text Three Types of Architectural Space Explained

Erin Moore's writing contribution for Pacific Sky Exhibitions is a tangential response to Measuring Blue.

Erin Moore works in teaching, research and practice on lifecycle thinking in ecology, design and construction at the University of Oregon. She uses her research practice FLOAT as a testing ground for designing with explicit intentions for the life spans and life cycle environmental context of materials. Her design work has been published in 100 Contemporary Green Buildings (Cologne: Taschen, 2013), Architecture Now! 2 (Cologne: Taschen, 2011), Small Eco-Houses, (NY: Universe, 2010), Tiny Houses (NY: Rizzoli, 2009), New Prefab (Barcelona: Loft, 2008), and in Fine Home Building, Dwell, and Architectural Record magazines. She is currently working on the life cycle design of a studio for a private client (in which the concrete foundation of the building will outlast the structure as a very long- term piece of environmental art).Moore also works in teaching and research to quantify the life cycle environmental impacts of building materials in construction using a life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology. She has recently published an LCA comparing the environmental impacts of the building materials required to upgrade a multifamily housing project with the long-term operational impact savings. She has written on building material end-of-life impacts and on software tools for whole- building lifecycle assessment. Moore coordinates the Life Cycle Assessment Working Group and is on the leadership team for the UO Green Product Design Network.

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Erin Moore's project Watershed