February 21 - March 20, 2015

Pacific Sky Exhibitions is pleased to welcome Jess Perlitz’s project That Which is Set Before the Eyes with a collaborative writing response by Philip Scher creating new avenues of discourse around the visual material presented.

Jess Perlitz is a Canadian-born sculptor whose work is focused on considering sculpture's use through examining participation, individual and collective agency, communication and the symbolic. Jess’s oversized sculptural contribution in Pacific Sky’s main project room is “part Wizard of Oz, part monument”, bringing together her interests in “clowning, the idea of the Marxian character mask, and presentations of power.”

Jess received an MFA from Tyler School of Art (2009), BA from Bard College (2000) and some clown training from the Manitoulin Center for Creation and Performance. Jess is currently based in Portland, Oregon where she is Assistant Professor of Art and Head of Sculpture at Lewis & Clark College. Exhibitions have included venues ranging from Socrates Sculpture Park to fields and playgrounds to galleries such as David Krut Projects and Cambridge Galleries. Awards have included the Joan Mitchell Foundation, Franconia Open Studio Fellowship and the Canadian Sculpture Centre. Forthcoming projects in 2015 will be at De Fabriek in the Netherlands and in Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary.